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Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
information technology and healthcare. there were also three hundred chinese delegates from a chinese company. and i hit the summit in vehicles with that interested in wealth generation and generation. my curious and in the uk. china relationship is developing with very excited to be signing agreements with the standardization minister to china today. which is on the me too it makes good business and its method they use it on to stick with the countries in trade between the two countries and on business here in china via cycle it is sad to go off to work with and says that the country said to greg ups didn't expect that one and you just see what new steps camera will take the time education cooperation. this is the frisbee that that day the camera and tended and eighteen h on a uk business and that is the highest a double checked to see between the two countries. this here there are discussions on infrastructure to deal a new clean power corporation investment in the uk healthcare and others. all activities are expected to help to cut its trade and economic relations between the two c
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
twenty stores in farming subsidies and welfare reforms including cheap healthcare but but but he's been filed by the middle classes in the elites in the capital bangkok bank think that those policies when not designed to to improve the loss of the pool but simply to bring him up out of banks which would enable him to that of abuse that cough up for his own trees and then it's more than that. talk about you to know what he's done if it's that time the reading caught the eye fi card in the middle to the country as he said. as an interim caretaker prime minister for not keeping that one to take him to behave within the next eight weeks we will see. you can walk back in oct is that fateful prime minister. well lest some mechanism is fronted with friends at me from running the tickets so my second that she and her posse would win any election they have the popular votes and they've won every election here for the last twenty years at the opposition says that i went on to fold their populist policies but they have won that match it supports. it's not even certain at this stage if the oppositi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2